Grapheur Software: Description of Products

Your software package will be available immediately after purchase, by downloading and activating it through an individual key. To activate your evaluation copy, you only need to insert the individual key you received. You may access the download web page at any time while maintenance is current to update to the latest release. Licenses are for a single user on a single machine.

Grapheur 2.1 (Lite Edition) - EUR 700.00 ...BUY IT!

The Lite Edition contains:

  • Connectivity with simple CSV data files (text files with a regular arrangement of rows and columns, separated by commas) and with Excel files .
  • Full support for data types: numbers, labels (categories), times, geographical coordinates, row labels, with flexibility about required formats.
  • The most popular basic plots, Bar, Bubble, Pie, Histogram, Radar, Line.
  • The tool-selection wheel and protean panels, which immediatly change to reflect your wildest visualization desires.
  • The Parallel filter tool, to visualize data on parallel lines, an effective way to see all possibilities, and to filter them according to your needs.
  • Full synchronization of all plots. While you are filtering, the effect of considering a subset of items is immediately reflected in the other plots. When you pick one visual item (like a single bubble in the Bubble plot), the selection is highlighted in all related plots.
  • The Trellis plot to glance at a regular array of Bubble plots, a perfect way to identify relationships between different factors.
  • Our unique 7D Plot allowing up to seven different kinds of information to be visualized at the same time.
  • The Sweep plot to create animations where one variable (for example the time) changes. Our human motion-detection system helps you to identify interesting patterns in your data.
  • Ready for stereo (3D vision on compatible displays or with red-cyan glasses).
  • Full maintenance and possibility to download new releases up to one year after buying. When the year expires you can continue to use your copy at no additional cost, and you will be offered the possibility to continue updating your copy to new releases at a discounted fee.

Grapheur 2.1 (Enterprise Edition) - EUR 1400.00 ...BUY IT!

The Enterprise Edition contains everything that is included in the Lite Edition plus:

  • Connectivity with all major databases, following the JDBC (Java DataBase Connectivity) protocols. Vendors conformant to JDBC include:
    • Oracle
    • Informix
    • FirstSQL
    • DB2
    • MySQL
    • PostgreSQL
    • Microsoft SQLServer
    • Sybase
  • Whatever your favourite database, we guarantee that you will be connected! Contact us for specific inquiries about DBs.
  • The network analytics module, to visualize entities and relationships , for example social networks, to navigate in a network with our focus and context tool.

Product specification table

The complete list of features present in Grapheur 2.1 and LIONsolver 2.1 follows.
If you are interested in LIONsolver, please visit the LIONsolver 2.1 web site .

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