Grapheur training, Learning and intelligent optimization

One-day course.
A bungee jump into Adaptive Analytics: road show and training for LION and Grapheur.

A crucial component of Learning and Intelligent OptimizatioN (LION) is Reactive Search Optimization (RSO), a robust and efficient method for solving difficult problems. The word reactive hints at a quick response to events while alternative solutions are tested. Its strength lies in the introduction of high-level skills often associated to the human brain, such as learning from past experience, learning on the job, rapid analysis of alternatives, ability to cope with incomplete information, quick adaptation to new situations and events.

If you feel frustrated because your software is rigid and it does not follow your detailed and changing preferences (we are human, after all, and not machines!) this "bungee jump" course will show you how software support for intelligent decisions can be different.

LION and Grapheur training, Learning and intelligent optimization (LION)

Content of the course:

LION and Grapheur training, Learning and intelligent optimization (LION)

Who should participate:

Managers and decision makers involved in business analytics and data mining, researchers and engineers involved in simulation and optimization. No specific technical competence is required: actually the focus of our software is adaptation to the user needs and allowing self-service and interactive data mining and business intelligence.

LION and Grapheur training, Learning and intelligent optimization (LION)

Costs and benefits:

USD 530.00, EUR 400.00

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A last suggestion: to squeeze every bit from the course: download your free evaluation copy and to try using it on some initial cases related to your business.

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On-site delivery of the course at your company premises can be arranged depending on number of participants. Special conditions apply.